Have you ever wondered what the history and heritage is of your city? Every town and city has a unique story of how they started and how they came to be exactly what they are today. Learn more about the history of Rochester, MN below.

European settlers were not the first to inhabit Minnesota. This state was home to native people that settled and traveled across Minnesota. However, there was eventually a treaty that made Minnesota a part of the US.

According to Experience Rochester, “Rochester developed as a stop along the Dubuque trail, a stagecoach line between St. Paul and Dubuque, Iowa.  Located at a crossroads near the Zumbro River, travelers would stop in this area to camp and water their animals. On July 12, 1854, George Head and his family laid claim to land that now forms part of Rochester’s central business district. It was there that they built a log cabin known as Head’s Tavern. Head named the city after his hometown of Rochester, NY.”

Soon after Rochester was founded, a doctor names William Worrall Mayo came to settle in Rochester. He would soon start what would become the Mayo Clinic.

Experience Rochester tells us, “Sister Mary Alfred Moes, a Franciscan sister teaching in Rochester, was convinced Rochester needed a permanent medical facility. She approached Dr. Mayo with a proposal.  The Sisters would find a way to build a hospital if the good doctor and his sons, William, who joined the practice in 1883 and Charles, who would join in 1888, would agree to provide the medical staff.”

This paved the way for what we know today as the Mayo Clinic. Today, the Mayo Clinic is still a big part of Rochester’s heritage. It started out with just a small practice, but it has grown to include medical research, medical schools, hospitals, and so much more. The Mayo Clinic is recognized as one of the top medical and research facilities in the world. The Mayo Clinic is a big part of the history and heritage of Rochester.

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